Would You Start A Business If There Was No Financial Barrier?

Would You Start A Business If There Was No Financial Barrier?


Would You Start A Business If There Was No Financial Barrier?

Hey everybody, Jeff Celentano, from Las Vegas coming at you with a very simple question? Would you start your own business if there were no financial barriers? In other words would you start your own business if there were no costs involved and you really didn’t have to spend any money and there was no risk?

A lot of people talk about wanting to start their own business because they can’t stand the job that they are at. They hate sitting in traffic. You know just to go to a job that they hate that pays them just enough to survive, if that. So a lot of people always talk about possibly starting their own business. But very few people actually do it. I think the reason for that is because there is generally a fair amount of money and investment capital needed to starting a business. There certainly is with a traditional business. Generally if you want to start a restaurant or a store it is going to cost you. There is real estate costs and employees and insurance and inventory and everything that goes along with that. Now with marketing opportunities, which of course are a nice alternative because there is generally a very small investment, a low barrier to entry into owning a business. You can generally start a marketing business for about $500.00 or under just to get involved. However even with that, even with the minimal investment with something like that some people are a little gun shy because oftentimes they have to purchase a product every month, there is usually a fee to get involved, they have to purchase inventory, they have what they call auto ship and if they are not selling this inventory it is collecting in their house or something like that. So sometimes a lot of people are a little skittish about joining a traditional marketing opportunity.

Which is why we introduce you to Solavei. Solavei is basically the product and service is something that we all use every day. It is cell phone service, $49.00 a month for unlimited voice, text and 4g data on the T-Mobile network. And this is literally a business you can have in your back pocket. There are no upfront costs so it doesn’t cost you anything to take part in the compensation plan which by the way every three people you refer to this plan (to $49.00 unlimited talk, text and data) you get $20.00. And everybody that your people refer you get paid and so on and so on. So there is a network marketing kind of multi level structure but it is very different in that there is no cost. There is no upfront investment to get involved. There is no physical inventory. You are literally running a business from your smart phone, from the palm of your hand.

This is very attractive to most people because A: It is products and services that we are already using. In fact for $49.00 a month most people are switching over and actually saving quite a bit of money on their cell phone bill. The statistics are most people are spending anywhere between $70.00 to $200.00 a month on their cell phone bill. So we are actually saving people money. This business Solavei is the perfect risk free opportunity in that you will start off saving money (which is not bad at all) and then the more you share you will actually earn money and again there is no cost to get involved in the business side of it.

So, again, what we would like you to do today is take a look at Solavei from the business opportunity standpoint. There is no risk. You are going to be saving money and you have the opportunity to earn a substantial income from doing something and sharing something you are already doing everyday anyway. So with that take a look around this site. Put your name and email in the area where that is applicable and get in touch with us and find out a little about how you get involved and start sharing Solavei today.

We look forward to talking to you and we will see you very soon. Thanks. Bye for now.

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