Why Are Some People Hesitant To Join Solavei?

Why Are Some People Hesitant To Join Solavei?


Why Are Some People
Hesitant To Join Solavei?

Hi, my name is Ingrid Jackson, and I’m with We Pay Zero. Thanks for dropping by!

Yesterday I was talking to my son and his wife about Solavei. Neither one of them are currently members of Solavei. So, it started to make me wonder why they have hesitations and concerns, and so I asked them to be one hundred percent honest with me and tell me those hesitations, concerns, and give me their questions.

So they had five questions and concerns that I’m going to share with you.

The first one was they don’t know anyone who has Solavei as a cell carrier in their area. They don’t know if it’s going to work. Well, this is really simple. You go to the Solavei website, talk to the person who is talking to you about Solavei, and get on the Check Coverage Map on the website. You pop in your zip code and up comes this amazing interactive map that you can zoom in and zoom out. You can check anywhere in the United States, where you travel, where you live, and you will know exactly what coverage you’re going to have.

The second one is: “No one knows who Solavei is. What happens if something goes wrong? Who do they contact? We don’t know the brand name.” Well, when the foreign cars started coming to the United States, no one knew anything about them either. All it took was some people who started buying the cars, liking the cars, and telling their friends about it. A brand was born. I can tell you that Solavei is going to be a billion-dollar brand. We’re going to be a household name, and very, very quickly. We handle our own customer support. And when you become a member, you get an online community, a webpage, and you can interface with anyone and ask any questions 24/7.

Okay. The next question was: “Do I have to sell Solavei to get that 49-dollar price?” And the answer is absolutely not. You can switch your cell service to Solavei and never tell another soul. You will have the amazing 49-dollar unlimited talk, text, and data on the 4G nationwide network, and that’s it. Never do anything else. But I can tell you. When your friends are complaining about their cell phone bill, I would bet that you’re not going to sit there and say nothing. You’re going to tell them about your credible service and incredible price. But if you don’t, hey, that’s okay.

The next thing is kind of a hard question, and it’s one that a lot of people won’t ask you, but my kids were concerned about it. They said, “What happens if they switch to Solavei, they buy an expensive phone, and Solavei doesn’t make it?” Let’s face it. Not every company gets there. So, this is, again, a really easy question to answer. You now have a GSM-capable phone that you can go to AT&T or T-mobile with, sign up, and you’re fine. But Solavei is not going anywhere, okay? They are here to stay. They’re putting down roots – deep roots – very quickly. They are marching ahead confidently with new products and new markets. The vision of Solavei is becoming a reality before our very eyes.

All right. The last question – and I thought it would be their first one – was: “I’m in a contract. I can’t afford to break my contract and buy a Solavei-compatible phone.” Well, again, this is a really easy thing to do. Most people have no idea what it would cost to break their contract, but they’ve been told it’s very, very expensive. Well, call your cell phone company. I think you’ll be surprised that it isn’t as bad as what you think. Get our your calculator and do the math, or you can go to a website called BustMyContract.com. Plug in the numbers and see what happens. I have never heard of anyone who, over the course of a year or a two-year contract with breaking that contract with the cell company they’re with at the moment and buying the phone, have not come out ahead, saving with Solavei.

We also have a Bring Your Own Phone Program. If you’re currently with AT&T or T-mobile, chances are your phone will work. Again, you have to go to the website and plug in the numbers, and you’ll get your answers right there. If it doesn’t work and you need a new phone, we are partnered with a company called GSM Nation. They have a great variety of phone at great prices, and also the option of a payment plan.

Okay. I hope I’ve answered your questions. I think I answered my kid’s questions and hesitations. Now what I want you to do is get back to the person who talked to you about Solavei, or look to the bottom of this page. You will see a contact name, a phone number, and an email address. Call them. Email them. Take to them. Come join us. Get started saving on your cell phone and earning with your cell phone. We’d love to have you. It’s a great company. It’s a great community. We would love to have you join us.

My name is Ingrid Jackson, and I’m with We Pay Zero. Thanks for watching. Have a great day.

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