Which Mobile Phone Plan Serves You?

Which Mobile Phone Plan Serves You?



Which Mobile Plan Serves You?

Hey everybody it’s Christopher Hussey with We Pay Zero. Thanks for dropping by. I’m going to take just a couple minutes today and talk to you about a very personal question. I know a lot of you don’t think about this when you are thinking about your mobile phone because mobile phones are a must have. It’s always in your pocket, you are always on it, you are using it. It is something that I’ve just got to have this. Here is the question I want to pose. Would it be possible to make a decision about what carrier to use and make that decision based upon the question: Does my mobile phone serve me? Does it actually serve what I need in my life?

So I came up with two things, two attributes if you will that kind of answer that question. The first attribute is: Does your mobile phone require a contract? Let’s talk about that. If your mobile phone requires a contract, let’s say a one year, two year, three year contract and something better comes along isn’t the contract really serving the person who is providing the service? It isn’t serving you. So the contract is something that damages you. It is not something that serves you. It is something that damages you and takes away your choice. So I think that you would agree with me that being locked into a one year, two year, three year contract is something that damages you. It does not serve you and make your life better.

The other thing is: Is your mobile phone a debit to your life or is it a credit to your life? Does it actually create some sort of payment or does it create some sort of plus in your life? Well, times are tough right now. Lots of people need a couple extra dollars. A lot of people put out a lot of money, a lot of money for their mobile phone. If you could get yourself into a scenario where your mobile phone was free or your mobile phone was actually giving you money that would definitely be a service to your life. It would make your life better.

So as you can see I’ve listed here the four biggies. And I’ve listen my favorite company Solavei. It is the company that I use. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to put an x if it doesn’t serve us, if it is not good for us. And I’m going to put a check if it is good for us. What we are looking for on this board is we are looking for the mobile phone service that serves us the best. So let’s do this. Verizon: Does Verizon make us have a contract? The answer is yes. So it doesn’t serve us. And does Verizon pay us money? No, Verizon doesn’t pay us money. Verizon takes our money. It provides great service but takes our money. So it doesn’t serve us. So Verizon is out. AT&T: Do they require we be in a contract? Yes they do. So that doesn’t serve us. And does AT&T pay us? No, they take our money. So again, great service but AT&T takes our money. So that doesn’t serve us. AT&T doesn’t really serve our life. Does Sprint serve us? Does Sprint make us have a contract? Yes, so that doesn’t serve us. And does Sprint give us money? Sprint has great service, I was with them for a long, long time but I always paid them. I always paid Sprint so that doesn’t work for us. T-Mobile, now T-Mobile has recently made some changes. Faster network, actually some people are arguing the fastest network available in America, which is really cool. Upgrade phones, they just got the iPhone. So all types of awesomeness going on with T-Mobile right now! Does T-Mobile require that we have a contract? Actually no, T-Mobile does not require that we have a contract, which is awesome. That serves us. I love that. They have moved to that business model. Does T-Mobile pay is? Unfortunately no. Even for all of that, even for the faster service and just got the newest version of the iPhone 5 which is backwards compatible with everything, T-Mobile still requires that we pay them. They are still taking our money and they are not paying us. So 50% there but they are not really serving us.

Now here is the beauty about Solavei. Does Solavei require us to have a contract? No it does not. So that is in service to us. That serves us in the marketplace. Does Solavei pay us? Yes. Solavei instead of taking the money and just keeping it Solavei actually has a compensation plan. And that compensation plan is based on me serving other people, helping Solavei serve other people. Listen to how I say that.

So would I recommend Verizon to someone and say Verizon really serves you in this marketplace? No. Or AT&T or Sprint or T-Mobile? No I wouldn’t recommend that. I wouldn’t say this company serves you in the marketplace. But I would absolutely say Solavei serves you in the marketplace. It serves you because it doesn’t lock you into a long term contract. If something better comes along you have freedom of choice. You can leave anytime you want. That is a service. That is serving you the customer. And I would say Solavei also serves you in the marketplace because it allows you to help other people save money. And because of that you can get your mobile service for free or actually put money in your pocket by helping Solavei serve people in the marketplace.

I know that you guys know that I love Solavei. And I know that you guys know that I want you to be on our team and I want you to use Solavei. But I do believe that I have been very honest here with our question. Which plan serves you? These services, while being amazing and providing a great service, they provide that service in an effort to keep all the money. Solavei provides that service in an effort to help you serve others and to put money in your pocket. So which choice are you going to make? Are you going to stay and lose money or are you going to move to Solavei? Are you going to join our team and actually get with a company that serves you in the marketplace? Helps you serve other people in the marketplace and helps you put money in your pocket.

Join our team and save some money. Join our team. Call the phone number. You will find it here on the page. Call somebody, click a website, do whatever it takes but join our team. See you soon.

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