To GSM or CDMA? That is the question!

To GSM or CDMA? That is the question!


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Hi, my name is Ingrid Jackson and I am a member of the Solavei Social Commerce Network. I have my mobile phone service through Solavei. What I want to talk about today are the two main phone services that are available to you in the United States today and maybe clear up a little confusion about these two different systems. I am a total technology user. It is complete magic to me how cell phones work. I had no idea that I couldn’t take a phone from Verizon and move it over to T-Mobile. Now what I want to do is kind of clear up a little bit about how these two systems work.

The first system is called GSM – “Global System Mobile Communications”. It was developed in Europe and about 80% of the world uses the GSM system. Here in the United States T-Mobile and AT&T use the GSM system.

The other system is called CDMA – “Code Division Multiple Access”. This was developed here in the United States and other than a few other places in the world basically it is only used here in the United States. The major cell phone companies that use this are: Verizon, Sprint and Alltel, to name a few. Now these systems are like Mac and PC. They are not compatible. So you can’t take a Verizon phone and use it on T-Mobile. You can’t take a T-Mobile phone and use it on Sprint. They are completely separate.

Solavei uses the T-Mobile system so you have a GSM phone that you will use with Solavei. These phones have what is called a SIM Card inside. The SIM Card is kind of like the software that makes your telephone work. So Solavei SIM Card makes you accessible to the Solavei network. If you decide that you want to change to a different network on the GSM system all you do is take the SIM Card out and put a different one in. So you have quite a lot of flexibility. If you have a CDMA phone you are basically hardwired to the company that you have a contract with. You can’t move that phone to any other system.

Solavei has an absolutely amazing cell phone plan. $49.00 a month unlimited talk, text and data on the 4g nationwide network. We don’t require a contract and Solavei compensates you monetarily for telling your friends, your associates about this absolutely fantastic deal. Most people are paying over $100.00 for unlimited everything. So Solavei is a fantastic deal.

I want you to get back to the person that told you about Solavei. Or if you have just come across this video there should be a name, a telephone number, an email address, some sort of contact information somewhere on this page. Get in touch with that person and we will get you started with Solavei as soon as possible.

I hope that this has cleared up some of the confusion about the two systems in the United States. I want to thank you for watching. Have a great day! Bye.

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