Does Tim Grady Think There Is A Solavei Scam?

Does Tim Grady Think There Is A Solavei Scam?


Does Tim Grady Think There Is A Solavei Scam?

Hi, my name is Tim Grady and I am here to talk to you and to answer the question: Is there a Solavei scam? and to share with you my own experiences with Solavei and whether to not I think there is a Solavei scam or not?

Now I got into Solavei originally because I had this old pay as you go phone right here. Dinosaur. Dinosaur. It didn’t do anything but let me make calls. It doesn’t do texting, internet, it didn’t have apps or anything. I wanted to update to something more modern like this one! It has all of that. You know, unlimited talk, text, data, 4g nationwide, everything. And I didn’t know who to go with at first. I mean I had heard of AT&T, Verizon and Sprint and all those big companies but they all had contracts and they all were charging $80.00 to $120.00 and up per month for unlimited talk, text and data service. And I didn’t want to pay that much. And I didn’t want a contract. I didn’t have a contract before and I didn’t want one. So I kept searching.

I am glad I did because I found Solavei. Now I didn’t know who Solavei was. I had never heard of them before. So at first I thought it might not be a good idea to go with them because no one had ever heard of them and then when I saw what they offered (all the unlimited talk, text, data, 4g network nationwide, all that stuff) for $49.00 which is like less than half of what everybody else charges I thought well maybe Solavei is a scam because I was raised to believe if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then chances are it’s a duck. Meaning it’s a scam. If it is too good to be true it’s a scam.

But I didn’t want to label Solavei a scam without giving them a chance to prove themselves to me. So I decided to check them out by Googling them to see if I could find any information to determine whether Solavei was legitimate or whether Solavei was a scam or not. So I did a lot of research online and looked everywhere. I read a lot of blogs and stuff and a lot of articles and things. And I could not find any information one way or another as to whether Solavei was a scam. I guess because it was such a new company that nobody had ever heard of them. So there was no information to prove one way or another which did not help me make my decision.

So I did the next best thing and went to step 2. And that was to ask my friends what they thought. They hadn’t been living in a cave like I was with this phone. They had this kind of phone and they had had them for awhile. They knew about apps and all that stuff. So I thought that they might know about Solavei and they might be able to help me figure out whether Solavei was a scam or not. So I shared with them what Solavei was all about. I showed them the service that they had. Their value proposition of $49.00 for unlimited talk, text, messaging, data, everything, all of that stuff. And they looked at it and they like, “Man that has got to be a scam. Solavei has got to be a scam because that is just too good to be true”, which didn’t help me make my decision.

So at that point there just wasn’t anything else to do but to give Solavei a try. The great thing about Solavei is they don’t have a contract so I could try them and if I didn’t like them I could get out. So that is what I did. I joined Solavei to check them out. You know like from the inside. For two months I investigated Solavei. I asked questions to all the other people that I hooked up with that were in Solavei. I called Solavei customer service up and bugged the heck out of them asking them all kinds of questions. And I could not find any evidence that Solavei was a scam. I couldn’t find any evidence that they were legit either other than I kept hearing good things about them. Like they were backed by millions of dollars and they had a who’s who group of people running it and stuff like that. But I still didn’t know if Solavei was a scam or not until J.D. Powers came along.

J.D. Powers, from my understanding, is like a big wig well respected technology consumer’s affairs type company. They rate companies with respect to whether they are good companies or bad companies – the quality of their service and so forth. And J.D. Powers came along and rated Solavei as having a 97% net approval rating which was something that no mobile service company had ever achieved before. And Solavei was new! And all the other companies had been around for years and had never gotten that kind of rating. I went like wow. There must be something to this company. Solavei can’t be a scam if J.D. Powers, who was a well respected company, was backing them like that and saying they are such a great company.

So at that point my investigation, which had gone on for about two months, it ended because everything I had ever discovered talking to people it all kept falling on the side that Solavei was not a scam. That it was legitimate. I mean it looked legitimate and everything. And nothing fell on the side that it was a scam. So finally I was forced to conclude that Solavei was definitely not a scam because there just wasn’t any evidence that it was. And that was good news to me. It was good news to a lot of my friends also that were skeptical. At that point I was sold. I was sold that Solavei was the real deal.

So if you’d like more information about Solavei I encourage you to get back to the person, that way, to that side of the screen over there on the right, get back to that person and get involved with the wonderful world that is Solavei.

This is Tim Grady from Solavei and We Pay Zero. Take care.

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